An assistant youth football coach laid the smack down on a referee over bad call and it is all caught on tape.  The assistant coach, Dion Robinson, sucker smacked the referee after an unsportsmanlike conduct foul was called.  I guess Robinson wanted to really show the kids who to have unsportsmanlike conduct.

A derogatory comment was said towards the referee which caused him to call the foul.  Instantly the game went from usually to bizarre in just second.  Robinson, the assistant coach for the West Park Saints was furious. Instead of being an example, Robinson showed the kids how not to act.

According to Complex,

Dion Robinson, "a convicted felon who over the years has had more than a dozen arrests." In the 1980s, Robinson served time for robbery while also pleading no contest to cocaine delivery, indecent exposure and unlawful use of a false name since 2003.