Two-Thirds of parents today admit that they are confused by the questions that their kids ask them.

In fact, there are two specific questions that a majority of parents say scare them.  Yes, scare them!

They are scared because they don't know the answer so they just make on up.

The worst part is, that the questions are actually pretty simple.  Check out some of the stats from the study done by The Daily Mail.

The two most-feared questions their kids can ask are:

'Why is the moon sometimes out in the day?' and 'Why is the sky blue?'

• 21 percent admit that they make up answer.
• 65 percent of parents are puzzled by scientific questions from their children.
• 24 percent admit to being frustrated and embarrassed, and 26 percent believe their children know more about math and science than they do.
• Thirty-one per cent of parents go and research questions before answering.

Experts say 'The best thing parents can do is work with their children to find the answers – not only can it be fun, but you'll both learn something new along the way.'

Parenting is not an easy job, but if you remember to keep a cool head and sense of humor everything will be a little easier.


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