August Alsina has revealed in past interviews that his relationship with his mother, Sheila Blair, has been non-existent. From what we can tell, Alsina hasn’t spoken to his mother in a few years, until now.

On Saturday (July 29), during a Houston stop of his “Don’t Matter Tour,” Alsina shared a heartfelt moment with his fans. The 24-year-old singer reunited with his estranged mother after years of not speaking to her.

In the Instagram video above, Alsina’s mother appears on stage and the two shared a heartfelt mom-and-son moment. They hugged each other for a few minutes and then Alsina gets on his knees and sings to her.

While it was a very emotional moment, some fans in the comment section were a little bothered by the way Alsina was touching his mother. It looks as if one of the singer's hands was rubbing in certain areas that some might find inappropriate.

"I'm a mother and I don't think under even the most tense situation that ANY of my sons would be comfortable touching me that way," said one follower. Another fan asked, "Why he rubbing his mom booty like that tho?"

Another person commented, "This made me so emotional. I had issues with my mom too. Smh if you watch the video he was just very emotional and he was just hugging her. I doubt he was thinking about where his hand landed...and he didn't keep it there."

Overall, we are glad that Alsina has reconciled with his mother. He has been dealing with a lot of personal issues in the last couple of months, including his health.

Watch more clips from August Alsina's show below.

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