'The Avengers 2' teaser debuted at the 2013 Comic-Con in grand fashion. At the very end of Marvel's panel, an unannounced Joss Whedon came on stage to show a brief video. No one had any idea what it was for or what it would be announcing. It turned out, it was an announcement teaser for 'The Avengers 2,' which, was revealed as being subtitled 'Age of Ultron.' The crowd went nuts.

But, if you weren't at Comic-Con, you never had a chance to see the 'Avengers 2' trailer. Until now.

As part of the 'Iron Man 3' Blu-ray, Marvel and Disney released a JARVIS app that was available on the iPhone app store. The app would let you interact with the Blu-ray, set some ringtones, tell you the weather, etc. It was a nerdy version of Siri and that was all well and good.

But, hidden within the JARVIS app was a way to unlock the 'Avengers 2' trailer from Comic-Con. According to MoviePilot, if you download the JARVIS app from the App Store, say "JARVIS, Rough House," go to the "Suits" section, and press the "Classified" folder, it will unlock the video.

Or, you can just watch it in HD above. The bonus is that you don't just get the 'Avengers 2' trailer, but you also get the official video of Joss Whedon coming on stage with Marvel president Kevin Feige to introduce the clip. It's kinda hard not to get excited after watching a clip like this.

Take a look at the new 'Avengers 2' teaser trailer above and let us know what you think!

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