Chris Evans is the subject of a new story in The Hollywood Reporter, which contains a lot of interesting stuff about the actor who plays Captain America and the general state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there is probably no more intriguing detail than this one: The cast of the Avengers maintains a group text the way you do with the six guys in your fantasy football league.

Via THR:

Downey Jr. may be the world's biggest Chris Evans fan. He praises his co-star as the funniest person on the ‘very sophisticated, laugh-your-ass-off’ text-message chain through which the core Avengers cast stay in touch when they're apart. Their bond is astronaut-esque — the camaraderie of people who've shared a professional experience almost no one can relate to.

(The Downey Jr. in this case is Robert Downey Jr. I’m sure that was very confusing for you.)

The mind boggles at the mundane garbage that the Avengers cast talks back and forth about. “Hey RDJr did you see this video of the cat eating an entire pineapple on twitter?” “lol wut.” Stuff like that. Actually, now I’m wondering if the actual Avengers of the films have their own group text to chat about, like, vibranium heists and Red Skull sightings, along with cat videos. That’d make a good comic in and of itself. Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26.

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