Here we go again. B.o.B has once again found himself in the headlines over his belief in Flat Earth Theory. This time, the Atlanta rapper is going against the logic of science educator Bill Nye.

Nye was recently a guest on a Complex video segment about conspiracy theories where he couldn't hold back about the idea of people still thinking the Earth is flat in 2018. "This is not a new idea, people," he said. "If only there were 60 people [who believed this] we could give the whistling backhand, and then they'd shut up so we could move on."

After hearing about Bobby Ray's fundraiser to launch a satellite into space to find out the truth, Nye responded, "Before you do that, why don’t you consider joining the Planetary Society, where you’ll have a satellite. Join the Planetary Society where you’ll have cameras that will take a picture of the earth, and you can decide for yourself. Not a conspiracy. Come to Cape Canaveral, and see the rocket launch."

Then he issued the challenge, "I’m here for you, man. B.o.B, I challenge you. Come to Cape Canaveral, and watch a rocket launch. So, B.o.B come to Cape Canaveral for the launch of LightSail 2 and we can take a meeting about your Flat Earth."

Third Eye Bob got wind of the challenge and was unimpressed. "Look man, I’m a fan," he said in a video response. "I grew up watching your show, but you got the wrong guy, my friend. The Flat Earth information did not, by any way, start with me or my beliefs. You know, I could point you to some books if you want to look more into it, but I think it's about time you stop picking on the rappers and the athletes and really step up to the plate and talk to the big dogs."

B.o.B brought up conspiracy theorist, and author, Eric Dubay, who he said has "over 200 proofs that nobody has addressed."

If you thought this was over with the Neil deGrasse Tyson thing, you are dead wrong.

See B.o.B's response to Bill's challenge below.

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