B.o.B. showed up at 'The View' ready to make out with Barbara Walters, but lucky for us (and him) he ended up killing the stage with his single 'So Good'.

Bobbie Ray is dropping his 'Strange Clouds' album today and Club 93.7 has you hooked up with plenty of digital downloads of the set.  Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and even Morgan Freeman make guest appearances on the album.

“This is how I’ll explain the whole project: It’s not about having a good song or a hit song, it’s about having songs that are organic,” he told XXL about his second album. “At least for me, that’s what it’s like. For me, this album is a lot more organic but just as good [as 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray']. Do you like burgers? Well, these burgers are organic and they taste better.”

Watch B.o.B Perform ‘So Good’ on ‘The View’