As President Trump begins his four-year tenure in the Oval Office, there’s a feeling of pessimism and fear in the heart of many Americans. While many are saddened that Barack Obama is no longer our President, he did express some words of comfort.

In a video created by Barackdubs, Obama raps Kendrick Lamar’s powerful anthem “Alright” that should lift your spirits. The visual dubs together footage of Obama's speeches with K.Dot’s empowering lyrics. The video is fitting, considering that Lamar’s “Alright” has become the defacto song in various protest against the Donald.

We also have to give props to creator Fadi Saleh for being able to expertly dubbing in the profanity even though Obama is not actually dropping the N-word in the video. In past clips, Obama has rapped Drake's "Hotline Bling" and YG's "F--- Donald Trump."

Overall, if you are feeling that the world will be in gloom and doom under Trump’s presidency, play this video and be rest assured that -- "we gonna be alright."

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