Baseball rain delays are boring.  They are boring for the fans, umpires and players.  Fans can go grab some food, but the players have to stay on the field, ready to play at a moments notice.  Watch how some college players passed the time, and risked their careers at the same time.

Before you watch this, let me remind you again that this is a terrible idea.

Boy, that escalated quickly.  I guess it's better than the usual, "run around the wet bases routine" though.  If this has given you the itch for old school video games, you can click on the picture to play Joust.

These two teams did way more than just joust during this delay though.  Everything from a dance-off, to a mock military battle broke out.  Check out the full delay video, which makes me think the delay must have lasted days!

Just so you know this is not just a one time event, check out a DIFFERENT college baseball rain delay video.  Don't these guys have some homework or something?!