Battle rapper Dizaster has a few words to get off his chest regarding The Late Late Show host James Corden. While speaking to TooFab in an interview published yesterday (Nov. 14), Dizaster accused Corden of cultural appropriation.

During his conversation with TooFab, Dizaster, who is also known as Bachir Yagami, shared that he used to work for Corden as a consultant for The Late Late Show before booking a role in Eminem's produced film, Bodied. He explained after getting hired as Corden's consultant, he received the cold shoulder.

"I had to introduce myself to him and he's just like 'Okay,' and he walked away," Dizaster began. "He just didn't know anything about battle rap. He wanted to battle but didn't want to do no kind of, like didn't even care."

Elsewhere during the interview, Dizaster explained further why he believes that Corden is a cultural appropriator. He explained that the Carpool Karaoke host wants to be part of the "culture" with his "Drop The Mic" segment because of the money.

"You come from a different place so you could do this shit, but you don't want to know none of this shit we're doing? Nah, culture appropriating bullshit," Dizaster said. "I'll never respect people like that. .. This is the shit people want to be involved in from far, make off it, but not fuck with the real shit and what it really is."

When asked about a possible solution to the issue, Dizaster explained that Corden should allow him to explain how he feels without trying to filter his thoughts. He wants to explain himself completely and have Corden release the video.

Hopefully, these two are able to resolve their issues soon.

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