Transformers oops I mean Battleship released this weekend with the lackluster results. I was expecting this to happen. Given this was Rihanna's first big movie appearance, ( I'm not sure if she was ever in any low-budget movie, and don't really care) I would expect a Billion of her coked up fans to come and show their support, but that didn't happen. 


That's well below the anticipated $35 million to $40 million that Universal and director Peter Berg were hoping for. Battleship, designed to put the studio squarely in the tentpole game, cost at least $209 million to produce, excluding a pricey marketing spend.

Battleship's international gross of $226.8 million provides some cushion, but it needed a strong domestic performance to end up in the black. A $25.3 million opening means the movie might not clear $70 million or $80 million over the long haul domestically, resulting in a notable loss for Universal and sparking plenty of Monday-morning quarterbacking within the studio about what went wrong.

via Box Office Report: 'Battleship' Capsizes With $25.3 Mil Launch, Universal Faces Big Loss - Yahoo! Movies.

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