It is official, beard implants are the new trend for men and plastic surgery.  The trend is being driven by hipsters but seems to be more popular than you would expect. 

According to DNA, the facial hair implants are popular for filling in gaps or full beard reconstruction.  There is a growing number of men paying as much as $7,000 to get that full facial hair look.  Obviously the procedure is for the men who can afford to shell out thousands of dollars to look like Rick Ross or Stalley.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein has been the leader in the implant procedure for the past 12 years.  He was quoted saying,

"Whether you are talking about the Brooklyn hipster or the advertising executive, the look is definitely to have a bit of facial hair."

"I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects."

In order to get the facial hair to grow on the face, the doctor takes hair follicles from the head and implant them on the face.  Peter, a client of Dr. Epstein ten years ago, talked about his experience.

"It wasn't like 'Wow. What happened to you?' like one dyed your hair," Peter said. "Nobody really noticed. It is not a drastic change."

What are your thoughts on the new trend, beard implants?