Despite the canceled tours, DIY music videos and delayed release dates, the music played on this year, even in the midst of a pandemic—and we've never been so indebted to the sounds pumping out of our headphones as we have between January 1 and June 1.

Through the chaos of COVID-19, our pop stars kept us entertained (all while socially distancing) with some of their best releases to date. From the disco grooves of Dua Lipa's equally nostalgic and futuristic sophomore record to the intergalactic dance-pop of Lady Gaga and the post-apocalyptic, lovesick electro of Grimes (or should we say, Miss Anthropocene?), music has offered a welcome—nay, necessary!—distraction from it all.

Below, check out Team PopCrush's favorite albums of 2020... so far!

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