With social networking being one of the biggest parts of the internet, we decide to list the top five people to friend on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. These maybe local celebrities, TV personalities and even artists. Take a look at my to five after the jump.

  • Mid West Lint Website
    Mid West Lint Website

    Midwest Lint

    Makers of Flint Custom T-Shirts

    Shout out to my man Jeff Rice and the staff over there. Those guys show Club 93.7 and myself a lot of Love! Make sure you check them out if you want some dope custom shirts that rep Flint Town (Or Ann Arbor if you're like me). They have all types of shirts that reflect Flint in a fun and positive way.

  • Jon Connor Facebook
    Jon Connor Facebook

    Jon Connor

    Local Hip-Hop Artist

    Well, to be honest... Connor is probably one of the best rappers in America, not just Michigan. He's a good guy too. I'm excited to see the homie get some shine. One thing I like about him is he's been pumping a lot of music and videos lately. Be sure to follow him on twitter to stay up to date on where he's been performing and what's being released. He's going to bring Flint Back to the music scene. Plus you may see random pop ups from Ian with Connor and crew.

  • WNEM

    Aisha Howard

    Weekend Anchor on TV5 WNEM

    Aisha Howard is a friend and co-journalist. She's the Weekend Anchor and Reporter with WNEM TV5. She does great work and is passionate about Flint. She's born and raised here and has been back here for about a year doing what she loves to do. She's helped out Club 93.7 by being a judge at our Dance Competition and other events. She's also HILARIOUS! If you get a chance to meet her you'll see that she isn't just a cookie cutter, stiff reporter. She's mad cool and down to earth. Follow her to see the real side to a reporter.

  • Kimora Cochran Facebook
    Kimora Cochran Facebook

    Kimor Cochran

    Fashion Enthusiast

    Kimora Cochran is a mixture of Johnny Cochran and Kimora Lee Simmons, hence the name. She gives you the inside scoop on all the legal issues that your favorite artist or athletes or any other celebs are going through. She makes it so you and I can understand it. She also likes to give you the fashion, glam side to things as well. Her real name is Kyona Cook and she's another Flint native who is on the verge of doing some really big things on the net. Check her out and see what new dumb stuff your favorite rapper has gotten himself into and who's going to style his jail outfit.

  • mlive website
    mlive website


    Local News Informtaion

    Well gone are the days of receiving the Flint Journal everyday, so if you are trying to get Flint news you have to check out mlive! Mlive is cool because they put our whole state into one website. You have sports, news, weather, the whole 9 at one location. Since every now and again I do have to do some actual reporting or news updates, this is a place where I get a lot of info. And with the NFL and College Football seasons underway, I need to know the latest about my sports teams even though it's looking like U of M and The Lions may be OK at best. The more you know the better prepared you are.