Good, bad, or ugly Thor: Ragnarok has one of the coolest posters in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which got the ScreenCrush staff thinking: What are the coolest posters in the history of the MCU? Shouldn’t we rank them, the same way we rank every other movie topic under the sun?

Yes. Yes we should. And we did! Below you’ll find the 25 best Marvel Studios posters of the last 10 years. (Can you believe it’s almost 10 years since Iron Man? How is that possible? Kang the Conqueror must be involved somehow, bending and reshaping the time stream. Or maybe Immortus? Either him or Nathaniel Richards. One of those three is definitely involved somehow.) Along the way, there were some tough decisions. Marvel has churned out a lot of posters over this decade, and while a few are kind of silly, most of them are pretty good. Picking just 25 became a real Sophie Cuckoo’s choice. We tried to limit ourselves to just a couple from any one film, and to pick something every single Marvel Studios production. As you’ll see, we broke both rules at least a couple times.

Starting with the least excellent (but still pretty marvelous) one-sheet and culminating with the best MCU poster to date, here are our picks:

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