When speaking of the supreme soloists in rap, the men and women behind the mic get the bulk of the attention, as the MC is often considered the linchpin behind the greatest rap albums of all-time. But when you dig a bit deeper, you'll find that there are a handful of artists that take the DIY approach a few steps further, not only serving as the master of ceremonies lyrically, but sonically as well. Often praised for their creative genius, these figures have accounted for some of the most impressive artistic statements in the genre's history.

The most recent name to join this list is Tyler, The Creator, who is listed as the sole producer of his new album, Igor, the fifth solo release of his career and the first to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. While Tyler has helmed the boards behind the majority of his commercial releases and mixtapes, on Igor, he handles the production in full. While the circumstances surrounding the first-week chart position of Igor may be in question, its status as an ambitious undertaking by one of rap's most eclectic figures is undeniable.

In light of Tyler, The Creator being the singular driving force behind the production on his Igor album, XXL looks back at 20 noteworthy instances where a rap act or group produced an album in full, from top to bottom.

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