Let’s be clear: the phenomenon of “Baby Shark” has been fun, and has proven to be a surefire way to usher your favorite niece or nephew off to dreamland (warm milk could never!!!). But as far as the best songs of 2019 are concerned, well, those are a seahorse of a different color.

Since January, and thanks to releases from reliable music superstars like Pink and Ed Sheeran (plus, newly crowned radio royalty like Lizzo), pop music has — thankfully — gotten a particularly powerful shot in the arm. If we weren’t grooving along to “Tempo” or “Kill This Love,” we were hanging with our “Girl” Maren Morris or commissioning Halsey to wake us up from a raging sociopolitical “Nightmare.”

Below, PopCrush has collected our favorite pop songs of 2019. Check 'em all out and get to streaming — or buying… some of us still do it!

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