Beyoncé has some really "hot cousins." Queen B went back to Texas last week to attend the funeral of her Uncle Skip, who is her mother's brother. After the funeral, Kelsi Leggett and Kristin Douglas, who was first thought to be Bey's cousins, took a picture with the superstar and posted it on Instagram on March 19 (see below). Kristin and Kelsi are actually the goddaughters of Uncle Skip.

The photo went viral and the Internet went wild. Both Kelsi and Kristin's Twitter followers doubled with the latter being the main topic of discussion because of her voluptuous curves. Kelsi is a college student and Kristin is a self-described nurse with two children. The two sisters have garnered so much attention that rappers have been trying to date them and promoters want them to appear for money at their clubs. Take a look at the baddies above.

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