Beyonce is expecting a huge year in 2011 with a new album on the way.  Her first single Run The World (Girls) is already a huge hit, and the rumored collaborations that are scheduled for the album sound dumb!  There is only one thing that can stop her, Squirrels!  Every remix of a Beyonce song has involved a squirrel.  Check out the latest installment.

I hope Beyonce doesn't think she is safe from the Squirrel threat.  If you aren't worried yet, maybe you forgot about THIS!

If a squirrel can learn to water ski today, what can it learn to do tomorrow?

Still not convinced?  Watch the havoc a single squirrel can bring into a house.

Have you ever had an unwanted animal in your house? (IE bats,possum or even a dreaded squirrel)

Beyonce Update: As if the squirrel threat weren't enough, now B is getting sued for $100 Million Dollars!  Check out the story that showed up in the NY Post this morning.