Beyonce has made a big splash over the last few days with her performances of "Run The World" on Award shows and Oprah. But what happens when Bey does something 'Big' the whole World decides to join in!Here's another example of that. Watch this 300lb guy try and get down...  Hilarity!

This is what's wrong with Beyonce fans. They are obsessed with her and all things her! So much so that they begin to mimic her and make utter fools of themselves. Cue this guy Tyrone Jones. ... Beyonce fans are either girls, or gay guys... I'll let you figure out where he fits in on this equation. He has done other videos to Britney Spears and more Beyonce's. He's brave, I'll give him that! My favorite part is that fact that he did a scene in the dirt... While on his knees! hahaha, now that's dedication! Could you do better?

Here's Hooper the Pistons mascot getting it Beyonce style!