Big Sean had a busy week, including a number 1 album, an inspirational appearance on Ellen, and getting slapped at autograph signing in New York.

Big Sean was joined by Migos, Ty Dolla $ign, Ice Cube, Lin Manuel-Miranda and more in a video for Ellen on Friday.

The rappers got together to remix the 'Read It' song put together by second grade teacher Michael Bonner.  He appeared on Ellen to debut the new video as another way to say thank you for the help Ellen gave to his school after his first appearance.

Things werent all singing and second graders for Big Sean though, as he ran into some trouble in New York.  Sean was at an autograph signing in Queens, when a man came up and slapped him.  Watch the aftermath in the video below.

Sean took to twitter to talk about the incident shortly after it all happened.

This is a situation that could have gotten very ugly.  Nobody likes to see someone get hurt at an event like this, but I tip my hat to Sean for taking some time to find out why it happened.

It would have been to easy to just dismiss the man, and have his body guards beat him senseless when no cameras were on.  Sean took a little bit of time to find out that the man has been battling mental illness.  Instead of trying to get the guy into more trouble, he asked for help.

Don't get me wrong here, this could have been a tragic situation, but luckily everyone is OK afterward.

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