The following post contains SPOILERS for both versions of Justice League.

For years, fans demanded Warner Bros. release “The Snyder Cut” of Justice LeagueNow, at last, it’s here, in the form of the four-hour film Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Snyder spent dozens of millions of dollars, finishing special effects and reshooting scenes in order to turn the theatrical Justice League into the vision he had in mind before he quit the film midway through production.

After all that, just how different is it? Pretty different! What was once a two-hour adventure is now a four-hour epic that flashes back thousands of years and leaps ahead into the future. There are new characters, new storylines, new subplots, new backstories, and several entirely new sequences. Some of Zack Snyder’s changes are cosmetic and minor, like Superman forgoing his iconic red-and-blue costume for a black-and-silver ensemble. Others are pretty drastic. And that’s what this list looks at — the most extreme and transformative differences between the Justice League released in theaters (which was finished after Snyder’s departure by Joss Whedon) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Again, there are many more small changes to the movie. But these ten are the biggest. In roughly chronological order, they are...

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