Migos along with 21 Savage have officially locked horns with Bone Thugs and Harmony and it doesn't seem like it's not gonna cool down anytime soon. 

Old School vs New School, I could say positive and negative things about each genre. One is not better than the other in my opinion, but you gotta respect the ground work that was laid out before you.

Now Migos and 21 Savage might feel a different way. But taking things to the next level is not necessary, in the Instagram video below you can see Bizzy Bone getting riled up over 21 Savages comments which leads him to go and grab his guns. Unfortunately we still haven't got to the point were Hip-Hop can solely focus on the lyrics and battle it out that way. But once you see Bizzy get triggered, you see that he's ready to go all out.

Below you can see Bizzy go on a longer rant explaining in detail how he feels about the whole situation.

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