A Minnesota fan was ejected after a heated exchange with Pistons star Blake Griffin.

The Pistons were in Minnesota Wednesday night, and things got heated when the game went into overtime.

The cameras were not on Blake and the fan when the confrontation started, but TMZ reported that Blake was NOT happy. Blake apparantly turned to the fan and yelled, "What the F#**K did you just say to me?!"

The camera catches teammates stepping in to restrain Blake as he walked toward the idiot in the crowd. The fan was eventually ejected from the game and tried to salute the crowd like he had done something worth applauding.

I can't imagine what the guy must have said to Griffin, but it must have been pretty serious. The game was in overtime so the guys on the court were pretty focused on what was going on. I just know that the fan was lucky someone was there to hold Griffin back. He's a big dude, and after watching the douche get thrown out, it was obvious that he would have caught a whoopin.

The good news is that the Pistons went on to win, and Griffin lead all scorers.

Blake is quietly having his best season ever right now, so we hope no more fans get in his head.

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