After seeing YouTube star Jake Paul brutally knock out former NBA player Nate Robinson last night (Nov. 28), Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB wants all the smoke with the YouTuber-turned-amateur boxer.

Immediately following the Paul vs. Robinson fight, which ended in the second round after a combo from Paul sent the former NBA player to the canvas, BlocBoy hopped on his Instagram Story with a message directed at Paul.

"Jake Paul, you gotta see me after that," BlocBoy said. "I ain't gon' lie, I don't like how you did my boy. On my mama. You gotta see me."

The 2018 XXL Freshman then kissed his fist and continued, "These right here. I'm the fucking king, nigga. You want these, you can get these for sure."

Nate Robinson could have used the help in the ring last night as he was savagely beaten by Paul, who knocked down Robinson with strong punches in both of the first two rounds of the exhibition match. The fight served as a preliminary for the main event, which featured the return of boxing greats Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., who fought to a draw.

BlocBoy JB isn't the first rapper to challenge Jake Paul in the ring. Last year, Soulja Boy challenged the internet personality to a boxing match for $20 million. They both claimed it was not a publicity stunt and traded shots on the internet for weeks, stoking fans' hopes that the fight would actually happen. In the end, the boxing match never took place and Paul accused Big Soulja of being afraid to catch the fade.

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