'Blues Clues' was a staple of childrens TV and Steve Burns was the king of the toddlers.

Steve, Blue, Perrywinkle and the  rest of the characters entertained kids for hours on end.  You would be hard pressed to find a kid who didn't know the mail-time song or that when it was time to leave we would sing just one more song.

Suddenly though, at the peak of it's popularity, Steve left 'Blues Clues'.  Rumors of a drug overdose, rock band and various others followed but Steve is here to set the record straight.

Before you go any further you need to see some vintage Steve, and reminisce about what a good show 'Blues Clues' really was.


I almost immediately go back to weekend mornings on the couch with my oldest son Graham when I watch the old clips.  It's amazing how much a good kids show can impact a parent - child relationship.

I'm happy to see that none of the negative rumors around Steve Burns turned out to be true.  I'm also glad to see that Steve is as entertaining in real life as he was on the show.

You won't recognize his physical appearance, but once you hear his voice you'll be back on the couch on a weekend morning with the most important people in your life.