While people across America are staying inside to fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Blueface is entertaining himself and his followers on Instagram.

On Wednesday (March 25), Blueface posted a video of himself cracking an egg on his mother's head. In the clip he posted to Instagram, the rapper told his mother that he'd give her $1,000 if she let him crack two eggs on her head.

His mother replied to his proposal by raising the stakes. "$1,000 an egg, take it or leave it," she says in the video.

The two went back and forth before ultimately agreeing on a rate. The 2019 XXL Freshman would bust two eggs on top of his mother's head for $1,000.

In the video, Blueface only cracks one egg over her head and then takes the $1,000, puts it in her hand before taking it away, presumably because they agreed upon two eggs earning the money. It's unclear whether Blue ended up paying his mom after all.

After watching this video, it's clear that Blueface and his mother have come a long way since their public struggles.

The last time the "Thotiana" rapper was seen on social media with his mother, the two were in the middle of a heated exchange. Back in June, Blueface's mother Karlissa went live on Instagram while Blueface tried to kick her and his sister out of his home. The attempt was said by some people as an effort to make more room for his two girlfriends.

Blueface later recorded a song about the incident, where he rhymed, "Cause bitch, I'm the shit, on my mama and my sis/Had to kick my own blood out, they must've forgot I was a Crip."

Here's to mended relationships.

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