B.o.B is never shy about getting controversial, and his new music video certainly may raise some eyebrows. The Atlantia native releases the visuals for his "Cuello" track, which features him embracing women who show off their assets.

While hanging out at a tiki bar, B.o.B enjoys the view in the Tiff-directed video where he watches the ladies get raunchy with different objects, licking just about everything around them. While we've seen the Ether rapper drop some sexual visuals in the past, "Cuello" might take home the vulgar trophy.

The beginning of the video offers a disclosure from B.o.B, who claims that the video concept came from the director, Tiff. While he says he originally wasn't in the first edit, the entertainer ultimately put himself right in the middle of the video, where he fully embraced the show taking place around him.

Outside of his music, B.o.B has previously stirred up controversy for some of his views and perspective of the world. In 2016, he created a large debate when he shared his flat Earth theories, and even went as far as to create a fundraiser to support it last year.

Watch B.o.B's music video for his "Cuello" record below to see all of the booties in action.

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