Boosie BadAzz thinks the White battle rapper who recently got punched by his opponent for using the N-word deserved what he got. However, Boosie also believes White people using the word is okay under some circumstances.

The Baton Rouge rapper was interviewed by TMZ on Friday (Jan. 24) at Los Angeles International Airport when he was asked about the viral battle where William Wolf got socked by his challenger Avenue C for uttering the phrase "My nigga" during a heated bout.

"It was probably just a bad situation," Boosie said of the battle. "I've had close White friends call me 'My nigga.' You can't do that in certain situations. You gotta know how to say that word."

Boosie said a battle rap is not the scenario where a White person should think it is okay to drop an N-bomb.

"In battle rap, you dissin. In a battle rap, it's different. It's aggression," Boosie added. "The other word is like, 'Love, my nigga.' You saying nigga like...they was supposed to bust him in his shit. They did the right thing. [He] was trying to be derogatory with it, [offensive] with it. That's something you can't do."

Boosie is fresh off a controversy of his own. Earlier this month, he caught heat from members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for wearing one of their sweaters at a basketball game. In December, he was the victim of a car break-in where the culprits made off with $70,000 in jewelry.

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