Mornings in Flint will never be the same now that the Bootleg Kev Show starts your grind every weekday morning 6-10 AM. Get to know hosts Bootleg Kev and James Andre Jefferson, Jr.

Meet Bootleg Kev

The show is hosted by Bootleg Kev who chats regularly with the biggest names in the genre has been on the air in cities like Tampa, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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Meet James Andre Jefferson, Jr.

Maybe you already know too much about James Andre Jefferson, Jr if you've seen season 3 of The Circle on Netflix. James drops the No Cap News every morning.

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Meet Nico Blitz

Nico Blitz is the DJ and producer for the show. He's a NorCal native. Connect with him here:

What You'll Hear on the Bootleg Kev Show

The show brings you the most music on the morning in Flint including the People's Mix just after 8AM. The show also features the No Cap News and the Daily Hate.


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