If you haven't heard about Brandon Jennings getting slapped in a Drew League game, don't worry it's a good sign for Detroit Pistons fans.  By the way, we have the video footage of the incident. 

When I initially saw this video footage I was hoping Jennings would not get fined by the NBA.  After more thought on the clip, I was hoping he would get in trouble or at least pick up the persona of the 'Bad Boys.'

I don't think Jennings is weak a person or unable to show toughness but the Pistons' need to get back to being tough.  The slap should spark the new Pistons' guard to have revive the 'Bad Boys' persona for the team.

How cool will it be to see the Pistons getting back to being tough and fighting for every play?  I will come out of my Pistons' fan closet and wear a jersey or two.

Do you think the Detroit Pistons will do better going back to the 'Bad Boys' persona this upcoming season?  Leave your response in the comment section below.