Sources close to Britney Spears apparently told US Weekly that Brit is very interested in becoming a judge on the upcoming season of 'X Factor'.

So far the only judges cemented in for the show are Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, but there has been a plethora of names thrown around for the two empty seats.

According to the source, Britney has officially reached out to producers but she hasn't gotten a reply.  The source also said that 'Black Eyed Peas' Fergie is also in the running for the judging spot.

Simon Cowell actually addressed the rumors around Britney joining the show saying:

"Are we flattered that there could be interest? Yes."  However, while you've got The Voice and Idol competing with each other, I've learned one lesson: Keep your mouth shut. Don't give it all away."

Say what you want about Simon, but he has managed to raise the buzz around a show that basically flop in it's first season.

Who do you think would be the perfect fits for the empty chairs?  I think Janet Jackson would be the best choice.