The 2015 VMA nominations were announced and immediately caused some twitter beef, and Bruno Mars wanted to make sure that he and Ed Sheeran didn't miss out on the fun.

The original beef started with Nicki Minaj started to tweet her frustrations about being snubbed for video of the year, and Taylor Swift responded.

Don't worry though, they aren't fighting, but Ed and Bruno are . . . kind of.

Bruno sent this shot at his friend Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran had the perfect response

(Get it?  Because Bruno is a tiny tiny man . . .)

Bruno retweeted this image from a fan, and I think everyone knew at that point that these two were joking.

This is just reason number eleventeen thousand why Ed Sheeran is the man.  Bruno is OK too, but he just looks too much like Mr Peanut for me.