Who would of thought a busboy from Colorado would dominate one of the most physically demanding course in the world with ease? This man is the definition of a ninja warrior!

I can't get enough of American Ninja Warrior. Watching people train and compete on some of the hardest courses known to man is really entertaining. These contestants train for years for their chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes MILLIONS) and to be called an American Ninja Warrior.

Isaac Caldiero is the first American Ninja Warrior of 2015, and shockingly his full time job is busing tables in Fort Collins, Colorado. Caldiero is also one of the best rock climbers in the world. Watching this video you can tell how much his rock climbing skills came in handy (see what I did there?) during the third and final stage of the competition. Hard work pays off and hopefully this busboy can take a vacation from cleaning up dishes with his winnings!

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