The conversation about Verzuz battles has resurfaced and Busta Rhymes wants all the smoke with T.I.

During a conversation on Fat Joe's The Fat Joe Show via Instagram Live on Tuesday (Oct. 20), the Brooklyn-bred MC let it be know that he wants to go head-to-head against Tip. And Busta is pretty confident that he's going to take home the crown.

"T.I., it is intriguing to me that you have such a concern with New York MCs," Busta Bust tells Joey Crack at the 1:02:13-mark. "I wanna understand what that's about. But, from one brother that loves you to my brother that knows I love him, I'm begging you to step in the ring with me. I'ma bust yo ass. And let me tell you something...we gon‘ do it with grace. But I'ma bust T.I.'s...I'ma bust yo ass. Come on T.I., let's have fun. Let's have fun, T.I."

After declaring that he'll beat the Atlanta rapper by a landslide, Busta continues, "This is why I have to say it this way because T.I., he don't play no games. He don't sugar coat shit and he's not no fucking half stepper. With me knowing that T.I. accepts every and any challenge, I gotta make sure that I'm clear about accepting every and any challenge with him. And that's it."

This afternoon (Oct. 21), Tip must've caught wind of Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe's conversation because he hopped on his own Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the proposed battle. As far as T.I.'s stance on him battling Busta, he doesn't think they'd be an ideal matchup.

"I will say though, man," T.I. begins. "Busta is one of the most phenomenal talents of our time, man. And muthafucka catalog is thick. It just ain't the same...I didn't know we were...I can't go back right now and play got damn Pop Warner football. If I were to show up at the 12 and under, 'Alright everybody. Who my man? Who I got? Who I got? I got you? You?'...But I salute and respect Busta. I salute and respect a whole lot. I just think the generational gap, it might be just a little too much. Just a little too much on it."

The L.I.B.R.A. rapper later suggested Busta compete against Twista. "Twista and Busta, that shit gon‘ be cold," he says. "And somebody said, 'So, if not Busta, then who?' Man, to be honest with you, bruh. I feel like I called out, I picked who I thought was my best shot." Tip is likely referring to 50 Cent, whom he expressed interest in battling over the summer.

He later addresses another artist that people suggest he should battle against. "And, everybody keeps saying me and Young, me and Young, me and Young," Tip adds. "Incredible amount of respect for Young and his catalog. That's a personal patna of mine. But if Young wanted this smoke, he'll say it. I know Young. If Young wanted this smoke, if Young wants this action, he'll say it. So, until Young say something, shit is just talk."

It can be assumed that T.I. is referring to fellow ATL rhymer Young Jeezy.

Back in July, T.I. challenged 50 Cent to a hit-for-hit battle, but Fif declined the offer. "For your birthday, I offer you a challenge, sir," Tip said at the time. "Pull your ass up with 20 of your records, man. Sit across from me, man. And get this work, man."

Shortly after, 50 responded via Instagram, "Yo somebody passed T.I. the weed they gave smokey in Friday. L.O.L."

While it doesn't look like T.I. will be going up against Busta Rhymes or 50 Cent, maybe fans can rally for a Verzuz battle between Tip and Jeezy.

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