Calboy is back calling out DaBaby.

On Wednesday (May 4), VladTV released a new interview with the Chicago rapper. During the sit-down, Calboy had some pointed words for the Billion Dollar Baby head honcho when asked about the status of their beef.

"It is what it is," Calboy commented at the 2:07-mark of the interview. "I feel some type of way about that. [DaBaby] a mascot. That's what I feel. You gon' jump on anything that's popping. He really an industry prostitute... Think about it. The Megan Thee Stallion shit. [Tory Lanez] supposed to be shot her in the foot. You go do a song with that man, make her mad. Ain't no morality in that. Shawty probably thought you was really her friend. She thought you was really supporting her.  You went to go do a song with 4nem. Not even saying that's my business. But I see it. He a groupie."

The problems between DaBaby and Calboy were sparked backed in March when DaBaby aligned with YoungBoy Never Broke Again to drop a mixtape on the same day as King Von's posthumous album. Calboy, who is King Von's cousin, felt slighted by the move considering Von and NBA YoungBoy's past issues. In response, Calboy called DaBaby a "life-size weirdo mascot" on Twitter.

DaBaby reacted to Calboy by replying, "@calboy Do sumn," which sparked a rebuttal rant from Calboy on Instagram.

"That's the part that I don't respect about it," Calboy added in the Vlad interview. "If you gon' really not pick sides, don't pick a side... But trying to stop [Von's] sales and all that. You picking a side. Just say you picked a side and I'll respect you more."

Check out Calboy's entire interview below.

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