If you thought the beef between Cam'ron and Jim Jones was over, you were sadly mistaken. The Dipset members' public feud began its latest chapter in the comment section of Dave East's Instagram. After Dave East made a post about Cam'ron passing him the torch for Harlem, Jim Jones left a snide remark in response.

"Lol th torch lol tell him make u dip set lol," Jones wrote.

Cam'ron quickly caught wind of this and fired back at his Dipset brethren. Killa Cam referenced Max B's impending return and told Dave East that Jim Jones had been talking behind the 2016 XXL Freshman's back.

"Nah I'm good JOMO.. U can't be getting no money.. U always watching me.. how's ya reality show doing?" Cam'ron wrote. "Matter fact JOMO Max B coming home.. Make him Dipset. Matter fact JOMO tell @daveeast how u telling niggas he ain't from Harlem .. But u wanna shoot videos wit him.. in Harlem. @daveeast curve this nigga he don't really fuck wit u.. #WordToBloodshed."

A few months ago, Cam'ron downplayed his issues with Jim Jones. The "Down and Out" rapper said the two are still family despite their issues.

"Jim’s issues with me or whatever… I know Jim’s moms and kids, his son rather, and his sisters,” Cam told This Is 50. “As hard as I would go against somebody else, I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that. That’s still my man regardless of what people see in the public or media or whatever.”

Cam and Jim's beef reemerged—at least in the public eye—back in April. The issues came to forefront in the comments of Instagram, just like their latest spat.

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