Cardi B’s new video for “Money” has plenty of “Oh My God!” moments. The glossy, money-filled visual features the five-time Grammy-nominated rapper flaunting her body in a gold crown and matching bikini and in a Cruella de Vil-inspired business suit. Cardi also goes totally nude in one scene where she shows off her assets by a white piano.

But one of the most evocative scenes in the clip is when Cardi is shown seemingly breastfeeding what might be her newborn baby girl Kulture in her arms. Might be. That's the thing, that's sort of got people split on the internet. They don't know whether the baby in the video is Cardi and Offset's daughter or not. Cardi herself hasn't commented on the matter.

Either way, though, it looks like people are stunned by the visual. So far, social media users have praised the rapper for destroying taboos and showing that she's the ultimate multitasker—she can strip, play the piano naked and breastfeed a child. Hey, a baby’s gotta eat.

"So Cardi B is swinging from the stripper pole, breastfeeding her child and serving looks in the Money video. Checkmate," tweeted one fan on Twitter.

Another person wrote, "CARDI B! We got pole work, nip slips, confused rich white people, ass shaking and were you breastfeeding Kulture?!? Whew."

"Yo Cardi is everything. Let's talk about how she was breastfeeding Kulture throughout the entire MONEY video," said another Twitter user. "Out here breaking taboos. You make me proud @iamcardib."

Overall, Cardi B delivered another great visual. See fans' reactions to Bardi's new "Money" video in the gallery beneath the video itself

See Fan Reactions to Cardi B Breastfeeding Kulture in "Money" Video

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