Cardi B just dropped some serious truth about plastic surgery.

The rapper, who's been at the center of nip-and-tuck rumors since long before the launch of her 2018 debut album Invasion of Privacy, came clean about a recent procedure while addressing a crowd at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis on Sunday (May 5), according to People. 

More, she said the appointment should have meant a rescheduled set.

“I have some news for y’all. I should have canceled today. I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f--- up my lipo," she said. "But b---h I’m still gonna get my motherf------ money back, let’s go!”

Naturally, the crowd cheered on their girl.

In August 2018, just a month after delivering her daughter, Kulture, Cardi B entertained the idea of going under the knife to restore the shape she'd grown used to.

“I still feel like I got a lot of love handles right here,” she said, according to People, as she grabbed her stomach. “It’s not much but it’s like — I’m used to having, like, a real tight stomach...I might just get a little lipo, you know what I’m sayin’?”

Still, just weeks later, Cardi denied any sort of procedure in an Instagram story.

“I never did lipo, bro. Never,” she said.