Carrie Underwood kissed a minor on the lips last night on stage in front of a large crowd.  If you are not familiar with Carrie Underwood, you are not alone.  I have no clue who she is besides that she is an entertainer.

I am extremely shocked that a 29 year old women was able to kiss a 12 year old boy on the lips.  For some strange reason I find this wrong on several levels.  If a male entertainer that was 29 years old kissed a young lady at the age of 12 on the lips, he would be locked up.

Carrie was giving the young male fan his first kiss which was probably a dream come true for him.  I still have dreams where my wish would come true with several of my female celebrities queens.  The major difference for me is that I am an adult and so would the female celebrity.

Carrie Underwood should really think twice about her actions.