Cassie is spilling the beans on 'The Boys.' The statuesque starlet dished on her video with Nicki Minaj as well as just how long it took for their collaboration to come to fruition.

Cassie revealed that working with the Harajuku Barbie influenced her take on the video. "The concept of the video was definitely a collaboration. I've known [director] Colin Tilley for a really long time, but I hadn't got to work with him yet, so this was our first time," she told MTV News. "He really wants to hear the artists' input and wants to know what we want to do to make the video great. So he came to us with the treatment of us being in a Barbie world, and I wanted to put my little flavor on it, so I was like, 'What if I was Ken?' So Nicki loved the idea, and that's where that stemmed from."

That explains the beauty's more androgynous looks, which weren't always easy to achieve. "My personal inspiration behind the look in the blue suit and the graffiti top was 'Ken on steroids,'" Cassie joked. "Or 'Ken inspired by East London punk,' and I think we totally achieved. I actually had paint in my hair, like children's washable paint that hardened, and I freaked out right when we had to wash it out. But we made it into a flattop!"

While it didn't take long for the stunning duo to make a video for 'The Boys,' it did take quite a while for a duet to see the light of day at all. "We actually had been trying to get together for a while; we did a record together I want to say maybe two-and-a-half years before this, and it obviously didn't get any play," Cassie admitted. "It was for my album, which I've been working on for years. It was kind of long overdue; we had been talking about it for a while, so it was nice to get together and finally do something, and to also have a visual to it."

We agree with Diddy's paramour -- especially because the visual is as colorful and fun as this one!