9 People Face Criminal Charges In The Flint Water Crisis
After a long 12 months, Michigan Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy announced that nine individuals will be facing criminal charges for pretty much poisoning the whole city of Flint.
These charges are a bit light if you ask me, but we do know more about the indi…
Michigan Technician Gets 9 Months In Jail For Breathalyzer Crimes
A man from Kalamazoo is being charged with falsifying repair documents on alcohol-breath machines.
There's no telling how many people this could've affected. Thus giving us all more reason to not trust any roadside test.
The DataMaster breath test is used to measure alcohol levels at c…
FexEx Driver Caught Spitting on Package in Tuscola County
Well, this sick and disturbing story is sure to piss you off, especially after you find out why this FedEx driver more than likely spit on a customer's package.
A FedEx driver who recently dropped off a package to a customer living near Millington was spotted on a Ring camera spitting on that sa…

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