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Mother Forces Her Child to Get a Tattoo [Video]
A video of a mother forcing her child to get a tattoo has hit the web and people are pissed!
From the video description this apparently takes place in another country which is  probably Mexico (from the accent) because I can't imagine any American having the mindset to tattoo a screaming ch…
Rick Ross the Target of Drive-by Shooting
Ut oh. Rapper Rick Ross, who is never short on controversial headlines, whether he is posing shirtless on magazine covers or passing out on planes or canceling concerts due to death threats, was reportedly involved in a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. this morning (Jan. 28).
J. Cole’s New Album ‘Born Sinner’ 2013 is Pushed Back
J. Cole's new album 'Born Sinner' 2013 is pushed back from the January 28th, 2013 release date.  No one who follows hip-hop closely expected the album to drop on the first release date given. Rappers always give out dates and never stick to them.  We expected this Mr. Cole.
Flint Police VS. Weed Proposal
Flint Police will continue to make arrest for marijuana possession after approved marijuana proposal. It doesn't look like the Flint Police Department will allow marijuana possession to slide pass their handcuffs.  Many recreational marijuana users may be upset and confused.
Mitt Romney Supporters in Ohio are a Bit Confused [Video]
Mitt Romney supporters from Ohio are interviewed about why they support Romney and you will not believe what they had to say.
This honestly scares me. I understand not wanting to vote for somebody and having really good reason for not liking the other candidate but this is just insane! The election i…

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