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Bright Blue, Slow Moving Meteors Appear Over Michigan This Week
It will be a classic case of quality over quantity when it comes to the meteor shower over Michigan this week.
The Alpha Capricornids meteor shower starts to become visible in mid-July and runs through early August. If you're wondering why you've never heard of this meteor shower,…
Flint Schools Now Require Masks and Social Distancing
Flint Community School has made the decision to revert back to social distancing and wearing masks while on school property.
This decision was made as a precaution to the rising spike in covid-19 cases hitting the U.S. and not to mention the new Delta variant that has medical experts worried...
Flint Police Department Will Be Getting A Police Helicopter
The Flint Police Department are officially taking to the skies after Flint City Council approved the lease of a helicopter.
For the first time in recent memory, Flint City Council actually unanimously agreed on something. The council voted 7-0 to approve the lease of a helicopter for Flint Police...

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