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Bright Blue, Slow Moving Meteors Appear Over Michigan This Week
It will be a classic case of quality over quantity when it comes to the meteor shower over Michigan this week.
The Alpha Capricornids meteor shower starts to become visible in mid-July and runs through early August. If you're wondering why you've never heard of this meteor shower,…
Flint Police Cracking Down On Parking Lot Parties
The Flint Police Department is cracking down on illegal parking lot parties and racing around the city of Flint.
We knew this was coming, but as of late the parties have been leading towards problems and the FPD is snatching up and impounding vehicles left and right...
Power Outages All Over Mid-Michigan
Reports are coming in with power outages all over Michigan after a severe thunderstorm touched down and wreaked havoc leaving over 6,600 people without power. 
Consumers Energy is reporting power outages for several communities following severe storms.

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