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Claressa Shields Women's Boxing Athlete of the Decade
People around here have always known Claressa Shields is a force to be reckoned with. An amazing athlete with a talent rarely seen. Now the second woman to be crowned as the undisputed world champion has received some major recognition being named the Best Female Boxer of the Decade by Sporting News…
The Official Flint Tropics Are Here
The Flint Tropics Basketball team has been announced in Flint as a Professional Minor League with the help of two Flint natives and will be holding tryouts soon. The halftime shows are gonna be insane!
Disney+ Accounts Hacked and it’s Probably Your Fault
It seems Disney has crossed over to the dark side, or at least the dark web. According to a report published Monday thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked and are being sold online.
The tech news website ZDNet published a story said  it has found thousands of Disney+&…

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