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The IRS Wants To Monitor Bank Accounts Over $600
President Joe Biden wants to give the Internal Revenue Service the ability to monitor bank accounts that have over $600 in an attempt to take down big corporations.
The idea might sound like it would have the best intentions for the average everyday person, but you can also see how this could be too …
Supply Chain Crisis Will Hold Up Shopping This Holiday Season
If you've got plans to wait till the last minute to go shopping this year you could be setting yourself up for failure as supply chains have a lot of holiday items on the backlog.
Thought it was hard getting a PS5 before? just wait till Christmas this year and see you'll the madness that is…
CDC Releases New Safety Guidelines For Holiday Season
The Center for Disease Control has just released some new guidelines for the upcoming holiday seasons.
Things are getting colder and thanksgiving is right around the corner. As people gather to celebrate the CDC wants people to be safe while doing so...
Tonight’s Powerball Is Now Sitting At $670 Million
The Powerball went without a winner over the weekend making it the 40th consecutive week with a major winner and now the pot has reached over half a billion dollars!
The Jackpot is now sitting at $670 million dollars and if you take the cash payment( Which you should) that should equal out around $45…
It’s National Coffee Day! Grab A Free Cup At These Locations
This Wednesday is National Coffee Day which means there are tons of deals for all our caffeine-addicted workaholics!
This means that companies are hooking up everyone today, and here are a few deals you can look forward to today. 

Starbucks: Bring in a clean, empty reusable cup up to 20 oz. and

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