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US-Canada Border Restrictions Extended Another Month
I wouldn't make any plans to cross the border into Canada anytime soon unless it's considered essential travel. The same goes for Canadians wanting to get into the United States.
Border restrictions will remain in place until July 21 or until a higher percentage of Canadians get fully …
PowerBall Jackpot Is Huge This Weekend!
No winners grabbed the $235 million dollar jackpot yesterday which means the pot will be even crazier for this Saturday's drawing going up to over a quarter of a billion dollars!
The Powerball jackpot is now worth more than a quarter of $1 billion as there was no winner of the $235 million jackp…
CDC Warns Of Possible Side Effects From Second Vaccine Dose
The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning for young teens and adolescents following the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine which has shown in some rare instances to cause inflammation around the heart, myocarditis.
Jeeez, if people didn't have already vaccine hesitancy,…
Tax Deadline For Federal And State Is Today
If you haven't filed for your federal or state taxes yet, then you have until midnight tonight to get them in before the deadline expires.
The pandemic messed up everyone's schedule, and most individuals usually work with an agent in person to balance out their taxes, but with COVID-19 running pretty…
CDC Releases New Mask Guidelines
The Center for Disease Control has released new guidelines for masks and now anyone that has been vaccinated is no longer required to wear a mask inside.
Of course, there are a few exceptions like buses and planes. But this is the first major step in getting back to normal life...

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