CDC Releases New Mask Guidelines
The Center for Disease Control has released new guidelines for masks and now anyone that has been vaccinated is no longer required to wear a mask inside.
Of course, there are a few exceptions like buses and planes. But this is the first major step in getting back to normal life...
Mayor Neeley Commits $2 Million To Combat Blight In Flint
Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has committed $2 million dollars from the $99 million American Rescue Plan to help combat blight in the city Flint.
Blight has been an issue in the city as far back as I can remember. With this new stimulus money hopefully, we can kickstart a new movement for the cit…
Flint Police Chief Needs Your Help In Stopping Violence
Flint has seen a total of 21 homicides going into 2021 and Flint Police Chief Terence Green is asking the public to speak up.
In a press conference, Chief Green pointed out that the main problem they're having with violence is the lack of cooperation with the victims...

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