Cedar Point has officially announced that their only stand up coaster, 'The Mantis', will officially be closing in October, but what will replace it?

In the cryptic video above, Cedar Point announces that 'The Mantis' will officially be squashed on October 18th at 8pm.

Normally this wouldn't be a shocker considering the park closes rides all the time to make way for new ones, remember Disaster Transport?

Watch the first car POV on The Mantis

This feels different though, like there is something else going on here other than a lack of rider interest.  The official statement says that the customers vote with their feet, and that lead to the decision.  Most theme part enthusiasts aren't buying that explanation though.

Seriously, if you were going to take out a lame ride, why wouldn't you start with The Iron Dragon?!

I think this is Cedar Point's move to make good on a promise they made to Lebron James!  If you want to see what is REALLY going to happen to The Mantis, click on the story below!

Yup, The Mantis is about to be called 'King James'.