After that phony video surfaced of CeeLo Green's cell phone blowing up, he said folks were "one step closer to meeting Gnarls Davidson," his new alias.

Well, evidently, it's time for that official meeting to take place, and now people can see Green's new musical persona and check out his new song and video "F--- Me, I'm Famous" as well.

For most of the visuals, the Atlanta crooner is blurred out, and the main star is a person who seems to be a little kid. He can also be a teen or an adult who lives in a young person's body, but it's not clear.

Anyway, the Gnarls Davidson character surrounds himself with a bevy of gorgeous models in the video, who dance and sway in the skimpiest of attire. Plus, he sends them a sexual invite in the song.

"Hey pretty lady looking good tonight, I really like what you have on / I had no idea that you even existed, I wish that I had known / Oh hey, you're on the town with a couple of girlfriends and you wanna have some fun / Well if you decide to get down tonight, do you just f--- anyone / F--- me because I'm famous," raps Ceelo.

No word yet on when the Gnarls Davidson project drops, but based on this particular single it seems that Green is trying to recapture the feeling of his his 2010 smash "F--- You."

Maybe he believes having another song with a four letter word in the title will work to his advantage. Who knows, but you can check out the new video above.

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