National Dog Week is here and we're celebrating by honoring the 7 greatest cartoon dogs of all time.

I'm not really sure what the point of National Dog Week is considering that your pet dog probably gets spoiled 51 other weeks a year. So instead of starting some kind of dog bragging club, I want to honor the dogs that all of us know. The cartoon dogs that helped raise us while we gave our real dogs the food we didn't like under the table.

I'm sure not everyone will agree with the list, so feel free to offer up any suggestions in the comments below. Just know that hours of scientific research went into this list, so there is no way that it can be incorrect in any way.


Who doesn't love Pluto?! Mickey's best friend, and loyal pet for what feels like 100 years. Pluto never really gets the attention he deserves because of the Goofy Truthers in the world. People are so wrapped up in the debate surrounding Goofy being a dog or a cow that they overlook the true dog star.


Bolt will most likely be the dog on the list that draws the most criticism. I just want to know, what's not to love about Bolt? He's loyal, funny, and has super powers . . . sort of.


Unless you remember watching cartoons when they only came on Saturday mornings, you probably don't know who Underdog is. Imagine Superman as a dog, only he liked to rhyme . . . a lot.

4. BRIAN from Family Guy

Depending on your definition of cartoons, Brian could have been number 7 or number 1. I decided to compromise and put him right in the middle. By far the most advanced dog on the list, he's also the least kid-friendly.


Scooby Doo could have been at the top of the list if it hadn't been for one little thing. One small, annoying, ruin and entire cartoon franchise thing. You know who I'm talking about. . .


Snoopy is the true definition of a dog. He is 100% loyal to Charlie Brown, unless his food dish is empty. He manages to occupy hours and hours of time with noone around and still squeeze in a nap. We'd all be lucky to have a dog like Snoopy in our house.


If you have a problem with Hong Kong Phooey being at the top of this list, then you have a problem with me. OK, it's not that serious but I will stick to my guns that he is the best cartoon dog of all time. I know the cartoon is a little old, but if you're not familiar with it then you should at least give it a try. Afterall, he is the number one super guy.


It's nearly impossible to list every great cartoon dog so it seems only fair to include a few dogs that just missed the cut. Feel free to add in your own suggestions in the comments below.

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